Saturday, August 13, 2011

Is Gordon Klingenschmitt A Coward?

After years of shameless self-promotion, Gordon Klingenschmitt still attempts to attack those who honorably serve both God and Country as military chaplains. All that is easily found in the public domain confirm that Gordon Klingenschmitt has absolutely no shame; no honor; no compassion for people who differ with him; no common sense; no common decency; no love for the truth; and has no legitimacy whatsoever. Navy Priest in Iraq wrote a very insightful response to one of Gordon Klingenshmitt's few supporters. Many believe that it was actually a Gordon Klingenscmitt "sock puppet;" a device for which he is well know for employing is the Wikipedia editing wars of 2006 & 2007. The editing war was conducted between Klingenschmitt and about ten Navy chaplains over a self-promoting Autobiography that Klingenschmitt posted on the subjectively questionable

It is not quite known if Navy Priest in Iraq is one of those many Navy chaplains who withstood Gordon Klingenschmitt at the height of his stupidity during his anti-Navy, anti-Christian-Chaplains-Who-Actually-Routinely-Prayed-In Jesus-Name-Without-Being-Court-Martialed insanity. However, Navy Priest in Iraq's response does bring up the natural question, "Why, exactly, did Gordon Klingenschmitt launch his unwarranted attack against the Navy and its chaplains?" What was Klingenschmitt's motivation? Was Gordon Klingenschmitt simply afraid of going to combat with the Marine Corps? (Navy Chaplains serve with the Marine Corps.) Was it just good old un-American cowardice that prompted Klingenschmitt to trash his Navy career just months before he would be up for a transfer to a USMC Fleet Marine Force (combat) command?

It is a curious fact that while Gordon Klingenschmitt was busy protesting against the US Navy, hunderds of other Navy chaplains were honorably serving with Marine Corps combat-arms units in both Iraq and Afghanistan. Gordon was "fighting" a contrived war with the Navy, while he was quickly approaching the very real aspect of being transferred to a REAL WAR with the USMC in the Middle East.

The following is a quote of Navy Priest in Iraq's response to a very probable GK "sock puppet" supporter on

Navy Priest in Iraq said...


It is obvious that you have never belonged to a combat unit, otherwise, you would have recognized that true warriors speak very bluntly and call things the way the are. Just because Gordon Klingenschmitt is a hateful person, does not make those who recognize that obvious fact hateful. Calling Adolf Hitler an evil man is simply recognizing the truth about the man. It does not make the observer evil. Pointing out Gordon Klingenschmitt's public lies in public is valid because Gordon persists in doing it despite his having been proven wrong time and time again.

The issue with Gordon Klingenschmitt is that he failed our nation in a time of war. He should be ministering to God's people in Iraq today, but he can't because of his criminal acts. There is nothing hateful in that statement whatsoever, it is calling it what it is. How is it that a few thousand Army, Navy, and Air Force chaplains can manage to not get court martialed and thrown out of the service, but Gordon couldn't? Could it be that Gordon did something wrong? I know that is the case.

How is it that I, along with hundreds of other chaplains, routinely pray in Jesus' Name in uniform in public without any complaints at all, yet Gordon can't seem to do it. Could it be that Gordon is lying about his experience in the Navy? I know it is. Gordon has tried to call me and every other chaplain in the Navy who prays in Jesus' Name a liar because we didn't get court martialed. We didn't get court martialed because we didn't protest against the Navy in our Navy uniforms like Gordon did. That, by the way, is a federal crime. Gordon is a criminal because he committed a crime not because he prayed while committing the crime!

I have been shot at for my country while ministering to Marines, Sailors, and Soldiers in Iraq. Gordon stayed home and lied about why. I have had rocket attacks come close to where I slept at night. Gordon invented stories about why he could no longer serve in uniform. Simply put, Gordon Klingenschmitt is not an honorable man. I would rather die with my honor than live the life of lies and deceit that Gordon Klingenschmitt now lives.

September 27, 2007 9:05 PM

Is Gordon Klingenschmitt a Coward?

The answer is between him and the God he claims to serve.


  1. Wow, you did it again! I thought that I have read all of your blogs about Klnerechmink, but I must have missed this response. It is great! I wonder if Klinmenkchstt ever feels any guilt about trashing his carreer in the Navy over something so stupid? I doubt it, even though he has been laying low lately. I guess no one has much use for the guy any more

  2. Oh my my my...I haven't seen too much about Klingenschmitt in a while, but this is too rich!!!!!!!!!!!

    What an amazing testimony to have a priest serving in combat point out that Klingenschmitt purposely invented a "war" with the Navy so that he would not have to go to the real war in Iraq!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AMAZING!!!!!!!

    Klingenschmitt is so disingenuous that it makes one's mind boggle. He really did get out of going to war by faking a war with the United States Navy. What a dodge!!!!!!!!!

    Just think of all those draft dodgers in WWII, Korea, and Vietnam...Think of all those men wearing dresses and moving to Canada to take the cowardly way out of going to war. Klingenschmitt managed to do the same thing and still remain the "darling" of the uber/nutso/ultra right-wing Republicans. This is way too rich. I can't believe it. WHAT DODGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    This should go down in history as one of the most brilliant cowardly moves to avoid combat ever...pretending to fight the Navy over "praying 'in Jesus' Name'". AMAZING!!!! Who would have ever thought of such a dodge. Perhaps, Kilingenschmitt isn't as stupid as we all thought that he was. This is very ingenious.

  3. Conservative Evangelical Navy ChaplainOctober 7, 2011 at 5:07 PM

    I am a very conservative Evangelical chaplain in the Navy. I must agree with Navy Priest in Iraq. I, too, pray in Jesus' Name publicly in uniform with no problems whatsoever. I must add, though, that I am a gentleman about it; much unlike the way Gordon Klingenschmitt conducted himself. If I know that there are people who are not Christian, I don't try to shove anything down their throats just so I can claim that I "evangelized" them. I show them respect just as I expect respect from them concerning my beliefs. I remember that the Apostle Paul actually commended the Greeks for being very devout, after he observed all their idols. He then went to tell them that he worshiped the One True God. Paul said what he wanted to without unnecessarily antagonizing them, like Gordon Klingenschmitt seems to have done. I don't pray prayers asking God to strike people down, like Gordon Klingenschmitt does. I don't do the rude, ungentlemanly things that Gordon Klingenschmitt did and continues to do. He got court martialed. I got promoted. He is a Federal convict. I still have my Top Secret Clearance. People around the world know his name, but that is all he gets for his misconduct that stemmed from his boorish ways of forcing his views on others. Not very many people know my name around the world, but I have a very good reputation in the Chaplain Corps for living my faith openly without trying to bully people into converting.

    I feel very sorry for Gordon Klingenschmitt. For all his talent, he has made his life and ministry (if one could actually call what he did "ministry") shipwreck. I feel sorry for his wife. She has had to suffer unnecessarily because of her husband's inability to get along with other people.